EU vote!! Which way should Walsall landlords vote?

EU vote!! Which way should Walsall landlords vote?
EU vote!! Which way should Walsall landlords vote?

In recent weeks concerned Walsall landlords have been asking my opinion on the looming EU vote.  “As a landlord which way should we vote”?  “IN or OUT”?  So, this week I thought I would share my thoughts on this subject.

If you read all the tabloids, the ‘Brexit’ debate seems to be focused solely on central London.  Many commentators have said Brexit would mean central London would have a lower standing in the world, meaning less people would be employed in central London, with the implication of lower wages, fewer jobs etc… but we are in Walsall, not Marylebone, Mayfair or any part of Zone 1 London!

For years – no, decades – the anti-EU camp has suggested that Britain’s natural habitat is not among its continental neighbours but in ‘the Anglosphere’, that solar system of English-speaking planets which revolves around the United States.  Break free from Brussels and we could embrace our kindred spirits in Sydney, Toronto and especially New York, Washington and Los Angeles.  The Brexit camp has long been like the man who dreams of leaving his wife for another woman, one who really understands him.

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1303% returns for Walsall landlords since 1999…

Investing in property is essentially different from investing in stocks and shares or putting money in the Building Society.  Whilst these other investments (Building Society Passbooks, Stocks and Shares etc) are passive  i.e. once the  money has been invested it you leave it alone, with BTL, things are more hands on, in fact it’s almost a business!


One thing the landlords I speak to say is the fact that they like BTL because it is both an investment as well as a business.  It is this factor that attracts many of my Walsall landlords – they are making their own decisions rather than entrusting them to others – such as City Whizz Kids in London playing roulette with their pension pots.

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This two bedroom apartment near Wolverhampton University (Walsall Campus) will give you a great yield.


Spring Court on Birmingham Road, Walsall, WS1 is on the market with Homepoint (01922 312002) at £95,000

Now I’ll be honest and tell you that I’m not a fan of apartments but I have to tell you that this one is set in lovely grounds with more pros than cons.  Therefore, I have been compelled to inform you that I think this makes an ideal buy-to-let investment.  With a really good potential yield of 6.25% I feel this will make an ideal investment for any type of landlord be it novice or professional.  Ideally situated near the University and major commuting routes/ town centre.  If you are thinking of investing in a buy-to-let in Walsall why not get in touch.  If you want my opinion on any property in Walsall and how I think it will perform in the rental market please send me a link to the property at and I will be more than happy to pass judgement.