“Inception”? 2 Bed House, Miner Street, Walsall, WS2. With Yields Of 7.70%.


I’m getting a lot of deja vu these days and there I go again! Or did I? I wrote about this one back in August. The difference being that when I first found this property it was listed with Purple Bricks and now it is listed with Great Move. Ok, fair enough. Now, IF the reason for the switching agents was because there was no interest in the 4 months that the property was posted with Purple Bricks, I completely understand, why not give another agent a go? However, since moving over to Great Move the asking price has increased by £5000. So, it does beg the question, if there was no interest for 4 months with one agent at £69000, why would more interest be generated in the same property for an extra five grand? Well, not everyone may have seen the original posting and have absolutely no idea the price has been hiked. So ladies and gents, this is exactly where I come in, your friendly neighbourhood blogger. I like to inform and help advise my readers with what the latest news is within the Walsall property market as we all know, forewarned is forearmed.

So with a little adjustment of the figures based on the new details. The current asking price of £74000 and a pcm rental of £475.00 will give a yield of 7.70%. The current listing very helpfully tells us that, “Offers in the region of”. As far as I’m concerned offering the original asking price of £69950 is, “in the region of” and if I were you, that’s exactly what I would be offering…just a thought. Full property details are here and you can read my original article here.

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