Would you buy a leasehold house in Walsall?

Would you buy a leasehold house in Walsall?
Would you buy a leasehold house in Walsall?

Following on from last week’s article and my marathon break from the blog – I’ve had some interesting queries around freehold and leasehold property.  I have written about this subject in the past (click HERE for the previous article) however, the theme I’ve noticed amongst my blog reading friends requests is…’which one is the more beneficial?’

In total there are 23.36 million properties in England and Wales with 64% being of owner occupied tenure and 36% being rented (includes both the private and social landlords).

Over nine out of ten of those English and Welsh owner-occupied properties are a whole house or bungalow. Now, most people would assume they would be freehold – however, of those renting nearly half of rental properties, 44% to be precise, lived in other leasehold apartments and flats.

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