How much are Walsall Buy-to-Let Yields a year?

How much are Walsall Buy-to-Let Yields a year?
How much are Walsall Buy-to-Let Yields a year?

Purchasing your first Walsall buy to let (BTL) property is not the same as buying one to live in.  You have to employ a completely different set of tactics, methodology and mind-set.

The main difference is when purchasing your own property, you may well pay a little more to get the home you and your family want, and are less likely to compromise.  When buying for your own use, it is only human nature you will want the best, so that quite often it is at the top end of your budget; because as my parents always used to tell me – you get what you pay for in this world!

Yet with a Walsall buy to let property, if your goal is a higher rental return – a higher price doesn’t always equate to higher monthly returns – in fact quite the opposite.  Reasonably priced Walsall properties can bring in higher monthly returns.  Most landlords use the phrase ‘yield’ instead of monthly return.  To calculate the yield on a buy to let property one basically takes the monthly rent, multiplies it by 12 to get the annual rent and then divides it by the value of the property.

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Today’s Buy To Let Deal Yields 5.41% 2 Bedroom Semi Detached House, Bank Street, Cannock, WS12.

A two bedroom semi detached house, Bank Street, Cannock, WS12. The asking price is for £127500 and is marketed by Purple Bricks (01926 267659).

An excellent spec throughout with modern kitchen, bathroom, gas central heating and double glazing, however the rear garden will need some attention. Parking facilities are not listed in the description.

The location is ideal for commuting to Cannock town centre. Many other amenities and services are all within a short distance away.

I appraise the pcm at a minimum of £575.00 and if the property sells at the current asking price, this makes a yield of 5.41%.

If you would like an instant online appraisal as to the rental value of your property, please click here.

If you are thinking of getting into the property rental market and don’t know where to start, speak to us for impartial advice and guidance to get the best return on your investment.

For more information about other potential investment properties that we could introduce you to, or to ask about our thoughts on your own investment choices, call us now on 01922 311016, you can always email me on

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Walsall Property Market Update – After the Holiday & Since the General Election…

Walsall – After the Holiday & Since the General Election
Walsall – After the Holiday & Since the General Election

Back on the Blog after the longest break I’ve had in two years and a record number of weddings attended!!  With schools opening up this week, I don’t know about you, but I’ll be glad to see the back end of the kids.  Whilst away I have received numerous email requests to discuss various topics of interest by my readers.  I picked the one requested most but I promise to try and get around addressing them all over the coming weeks.

Housing has always been the Cinderella issue at General Elections.  Policing, NHS, Education, Tax and Pensions etc., are always headline grabbing stuff and always seem to go to ‘the ball’. However, housing, which affects all our lives, always seems to get left behind and forgotten.

Nonetheless, the way the politicians act on housing can have a fundamental effect on the wellbeing of the UK plc and the nation as a whole.

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As a Walsall landlord is it wise to set up a Limited company?

As a Walsall landlord is it wise to set up a Limited company?
As a Walsall landlord is it wise to set up a Limited company?

A question I get asked all too often is around whether to set up a limited company or not?  I’ve always maintained my expertise is not around tax (as much as it is the Accountant’s job and that’s why I have should do too), but on this platform I can always share my thoughts with you.

In November 2015, George Osborne disclosed plans to restrain the buy to let (BTL) market, implying its growing attractiveness was leaving aspiring first time buyers contesting with landlords for the restricted number of properties on the market.  One of things he brought in was that tax relief on BTL mortgages would be capped, starting in April 2017.  Before April 2017, a private landlord could claim tax relief from their interest on their BTL mortgage at the rate they paid income tax – (i.e. 20% basic /40% higher rate and 45% additional rate).

So, for example, let’s say we have a Walsall landlord, a high rate tax payer who has a BTL investment where the rent is £600 a month and the mortgage is £400 per month.  In the tax year just gone (16/17), assuming no other costs or allowable items …

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Walsall’s humble Semi-Detached house increased by 227% in value

Walsall's humble semi increased in value by 227%
Walsall’s humble semi increased in value by 227%

The humble semi-detached house with its bay windows and net curtains has long been ridiculed as an emblem of safe, lacklustre and desperately uncool suburban life; the homes of the likes of Hyacinth Bucket in ‘Keeping up Appearances’ and more latterly Alan Partridge – but they could have the last laugh – having enjoyed one of the highest price growths of any property type in Walsall, up by an average 227% increase in the last twenty years!

The semi is, of course, still hugely popular on new build developments; although slightly more modern in appearance compared to its older ancestor!

The semi can now laugh in the face of its posher detached counterpart, which saw a rise of only 161% in the same 20-year period. Looking at smaller properties, flats/apartments rose 106%, whilst terraced houses did slightly better at 229% although they were starting from a lower base and demand from buy to let landlords has had a big part in driving up the values on that type of house based upon its rental potential.

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Walsall Babies Cause Walsall Property Shortage!!

Walsall Babies Cause Walsall Property Shortage!!
Walsall Babies Cause Walsall Property Shortage!!

What is the relation to babies being born and the Walsall property shortage I hear you ask!  Well…

….as more babies are being born to Walsall mothers, this increase will continue to add pressure to the already strained Walsall property market – and greatly affect the local property market in the future.

The past eight years of ever incremental increasing birth rates, a significant 3.96 babies were born for every new home that was built in the Walsall area in 2016.

My belief is that it has and will continue to aggravate the Walsall housing shortage. This means demand for housing (be it to buy or rent) has remained high.  The high birth rate has meant Walsall rents and property prices have remained resilient and they will continue to remain high in the years to come – even with the challenges the economy has felt over the last eight years.

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Humongous Change of Walsall’s Shared Households!!

Humongous Change of Walsall’s Shared Households!!
Humongous Change of Walsall’s Shared Households!!

A day in the life of a Property Manager is never dull. One of the joys of my profession is meeting interesting people every day. If I had to choose who I enjoying meeting the most (landlords, tenants, contractors, developers, solicitors, other fellow professionals) then, I would have to say…landlords! The cogs of a landlord have always intrigued me and they can come up with some of the most interesting topics/ thoughts/ questions ever!!

The other day I met with a Walsall landlord who told me that he had been chatting with an architect friend of his who informed him that back in the mid 2000’s, the developments he was asked to draw up were a balance of one and two bed properties, compared to today where the majority of the buildings he is designing are more towards two and sometimes three bedrooms. Now of course, this was all subjective but it made me think if there was any truth in that and how this affected the Walsall property market?

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