Cash or Mortgage When Buying Walsall Property?

Cash or Mortgage When Buying Walsall Property
Cash or Mortgage When Buying Walsall Property?

In recent weeks I have had the pleasure of meeting up with a few investors who were looking to enter the Walsall Property Market.  There are so many approaches to investing in property and many ‘Guru’ type figures out there, all willing and able to help…all for a fee of course (some of the fees are eye watering)!!  Having attended the course, some of the investors found my Blog and decided to take me up on the offer of a meeting over a cuppa.  The common theme/ question that came up repeatedly was… “Do I buy with or without a mortgage”!?

For most Walsall people, a mortgage is the only way to buy a property. However, for some, especially Walsall homeowners who have paid off their mortgage or Walsall buy to let landlords, many have the choice to pay exclusively with cash. So, the real question is, should you use all your cash, or could a mortgage be a more suitable option?

Well, looking at the numbers locally…

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