Walsall Property Market has a ‘Rentirement’ problem.

Walsall Property Market has a ‘Rentirement_ problem.
Walsall Property Market has a ‘Rentirement_ problem.

I think I’ve created a new word! Yes, I said ‘rentirement’, not retirement. Let me define it: rentirement , Renters who are currently in their 50’s and 60’s who don’t own their own home but rent their home, privately, from a buy to let landlord.

In Walsall, there are just under 1416 rentirees and this number is growing steadily! How…?! Read on to find out…

The truth is that these Walsall people are prospectively soon to retire with little more than their state pension of £155.95 per week, probably with a small private pension of a couple of hundred pounds a month, meaning the average Walsall rentiree can expect to bring in about £200 per week once they retire at 67.

The ‘Rentirement’ Time Bomb…

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