A Superb Family Home Found In Walsall Wood, WS9. 3 Bed Semi Detached House With Yields Of 6.58%.


A three bedroom semi detached house, Coppice Road, Walsall Wood, Walsall, WS9. The asking price is in the region of £145000 with Goodchilds (01543 526 869).  Check it out here:


An immaculate and recently refurbished semi with lots of potential. This property delivers a decent rental yield of 6.58%, however those of you interested in capital growth might like to know that if the property goes for the asking price, it would mean that the property has increased in value by 26% within the last four years!

Lets’s get inside and take a closer mooch. 

Perfectly decorated throughout with Magnolia walls in the main room and bedrooms. In the modern style, the tiling in the kitchen and bathroom makes the property look crisp, clean, light and spacious.

02 04 05

The one downside, well actually two downsides for me, are the brick fireplace in the lounge and the choice of flooring. Personally, I would have gone for laminate flooring. It’s more hard wearing and easier to keep clean than carpet, though a little more expensive in the wallet department. This is an ideal family home and with kids around, laminate gets my thumbs up any day of the week. The fireplace is a no-no. A definite throwback to the 70s, which looks completely out of place when compared to the modern style the rest of the property excels in.

The garden, what can I say about the garden? Huge! That’s what I’m going to say. It’s also Big, large and massive! Back of the net! 1-0! Talking of football…

06 07


Top it all off with an integrated garage and off-road parking as well and you’ve got yourself a nice, a very nice in fact, family home.

If you wish to discuss this property further and have a detailed discussion about my opinion and thoughts of whether this is the right investment for you, please feel free to get in touch.  I am happy to share my opinion on any other property or properties you are thinking of purchasing.  Just send me the link.

Phone: 01922 311016

Email: salekm@ashmorelettings.co.uk


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