“Fancy A Quickie?” 2 Bedroom Maisonette, Howdles Lane, Brownhills, WS8. With Yields Of 7.84%.


A two bedroom maisonette, Howdles Lane, Brownhills, WS8. The asking price is in the region of £65000 with Bloom Property Estate Agents based in London (01727 294 976).

Check it out here:


I was in two minds whether to highlight this one, but I thought what the hey, why not? I try to cover a wide range of property types and in as many different areas as possible.

let’s take a look on the inside.

The property is a pretty bog standard maisonette that are common in the area and not too much to look at from the outside.

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Inside the finish is very pleasing to me and in the style that I like. laminate flooring and some hopefully hard wearing carpet. Should have been all laminate flooring in my opinion.

Nice modern kitchen with the requisite flooring and space for white goods. No picture available of the bathroom unfortunately. Both bedrooms are double sized, so plenty of room for storage as there are no built in cupboards that can be seen.

One of the issues with this is the heating. What is it and where is it? I can see something that looks like it could be a heater of some kind in one of the bedrooms, but I cannot be sure. But as I always say, yep, you got it…That’s what viewings are for. So, if you were going take this property on I would seriously consider installing some form of central heating.

Secondly, there is no indication as to whether the property has double glazing. If not, this is a prerequisite these days. Finally, also no indication as to what parking facilities there are.

On the plus side the location is ideal. Slap bang in the middle of the A5 and the M6 Toll and not too far from Brownhills town centre.

Some interesting points of note. One of which is this and I will quote, ‘attractively priced property to buyers who are in a position to buy relatively swiftly’. Additionally, one of the rooms is classed as a “study”, but sized at 1.66m x 1.90m doesn’t sound like a very big study to me. Lastly, the vendor is based in London!

So, in conclusion based on its current condition I would appraise the rent level around the £425.00 pcm mark and based on the current asking price would yield 7.84%. However, with the addition of some sexy central heating, double glazing needs to be confirmed if already in situ, the rental level can be increased greatly and thereby increasing the yield. It does beg the question, how quickly do they want to sell and how badly?

If you wish to discuss this property further and have a detailed discussion about my opinion and thoughts of whether this is the right investment for you, please feel free to get in touch.  I am happy to share my opinion on any other property or properties you are thinking of purchasing.  Just send me the link.

Phone: 01922 311016

Email: salekm@ashmorelettings.co.uk


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