Walsall Property Market Update – After the Holiday & Since the General Election…

Walsall – After the Holiday & Since the General Election
Walsall – After the Holiday & Since the General Election

Back on the Blog after the longest break I’ve had in two years and a record number of weddings attended!!  With schools opening up this week, I don’t know about you, but I’ll be glad to see the back end of the kids.  Whilst away I have received numerous email requests to discuss various topics of interest by my readers.  I picked the one requested most but I promise to try and get around addressing them all over the coming weeks.

Housing has always been the Cinderella issue at General Elections.  Policing, NHS, Education, Tax and Pensions etc., are always headline grabbing stuff and always seem to go to ‘the ball’. However, housing, which affects all our lives, always seems to get left behind and forgotten.

Nonetheless, the way the politicians act on housing can have a fundamental effect on the wellbeing of the UK plc and the nation as a whole.

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