Is Moving Home in Walsall – ‘Mission Impossible’?

Is Moving Home in Walsall - ‘Mission Impossible?
Is Moving Home in Walsall – ‘Mission Impossible?

Moving to a larger home is something Walsall people with growing young families aspire to.  Many people in two bedroom homes move to a three-bedroom home and some even make the jump to a four-bed home.  Bigger homes, especially three-bed Walsall homes are much in demand and it can be a costly move.  However, is jumping to a 4 Bed House a step too far?

If you live in Walsall in a two-bedroom property and wish to move to a four-bedroom house in Walsall, you would need to spend on average, an additional £153,066 (or £604.61 pcm in mortgage payments (based on the UK Bank average standard variable rate)).  However, going straight to a four bed from a two-bed home is quite rare as most people jump from a two to three-bedroom home, then later in life, from a three to four-bedroom home.

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