Today’s Buy To Let Deal Is A Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

Leading on from my last BTL deal, I came across another similar property on Tamebridge on Harebell Close this time. Namely, a two bedroom terraced house, WS5. The full details here.

The marketed value is for offers around £124950k. Now, if the stats on the listing are correct, the last sale of the property on 22/08/2017 was £90k. Therefore, this means in just under 4 months, the property has increased in value by almost £35k! Now that’s some mad capital growth in such a short space of time!

Again, I don’t see this property selling at the asking price. Seems to me the seller bought it at a bargain price and is now trying to capitalise quickly, but as to whether it is worth the asking price, I don’t think it is. The spec is absolutely what you would expect from a property on Tamebridge and there is nothing out of the ordinary nor unique that would set it apart from other similar properties on the estate

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Buy To Let Deal Of The Day, Gower Street, Walsall, WS2. Yields 4.95%.

A two bedroom semi detached house in the Pleck area of Walsall, WS2. It has been listed with Zoopla just two days ago. There are plenty of photos, which show decent property spec including a modern kitchen and bathroom. The decor is neutral, both bedrooms are large and there is double glazing and central heating. This one could be let as is, but I would recommend doing something with the grass in the rear garden, it does look a bit worse for wear. Parking looks like it is on-road.

The selling price is £120k and it is located in an area popular for rented accommodation.

There are a selection of local schools, healthcare amenities such as doctors, dentists and chemists within easy each. Transport services are very good with bus routes and major road networks nearby and Walsall town centre only a couple of miles away.

I appraise the rental to be £495.00 pcm giving a yield of 4.95%. Currently on offer with Connells (01922 716026) click here for the full property details.

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17.7% of Walsall owner-occupying OAP’s are in poor health!

17.7% of Walsall owner-occupying OAP’s are in poor health!
17.7% of Walsall owner-occupying OAP’s are in poor health!

“Why should Walsall’s pensioners be forced to downsize? A question I received via social media a couple of weeks ago.  The mature member of a Walsall society came across my article I wrote at the start of the year (see article HERE), about Walsall pensioners feeling trapped in their homes.

There are around 24,000 home owning OAP’s in Walsall.

After working hard for a life time and buying a home for themselves and their family, the children have flown the nest and now they are left to rattle around in a big house. Many feel trapped in their large homes, hence I dubbed these Walsall home owning mature members of our society, ‘Generation Trapped’.

So, should we force OAP Walsall homeowners to downsize?

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Are Walsall Pensioners ‘Trapped’ in their Homes?!

Are Walsall Pensioners ‘Trapped’ in their Homes?!
Are Walsall Pensioners ‘Trapped’ in their Homes?!

During a site visit last week I was approached by a mature, friendly gentleman who lives next door to one of the properties I manage in Pelsall. He lives in a Bungalow, which is one of my favourite property types that he owns outright (mortgage free). We got talking about the Walsall property market and then he mentioned something which piqued my curiosity. How many other Walsall pensioners are in a similar situation?!

Walsall people aged over 65 currently hold more housing wealth in their homes than the annual GDP of the whole of Northumberland (strictly speaking a county can’t have a GDP, but as everyone knows the phrase, it works for comparison purposes!)

This is a problem for everyone in Walsall!

Many retiree’s want to move but cannot, as there is a shortage of such homes for mature people to downsize into. Due to the shortage, bungalows command a 10% to 20% premium per square foot over houses of the same size with stairs. To add to the woes, in 2014, just 1% of new builds in the UK were bungalows, according to the National House Building Council – down from 7% in 1996.

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